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What are the natural ways to increase breast size?


Most women aren’t happy with their breast size, and all they want is to increase the size of their breasts so that they look more beautiful and attractive. To get it done, some women opt for surgeries, some opt for exercises, some go for breast size increasing creams, but most of them forget about the most important part. The important question which every woman should ask or they should research about is why their bust size is so small? What is the difference between every individual woman which causes them to have small, big or huge breasts? Before getting into any breast size enhancement program, every woman should be rather must be aware of their bust size, why is it small and is there any possibility to increase their bust size? Proper understandings of the factors that affect the breast size matters a lot as it can help you get the size of breasts increased with a right option.

The size of breasts depends on various factors like genetics, hormones and hyperactive metabolism.

Genetics – If the reason for having small breasts is due to your genetics then it’s a tough job to enhance the size of your breasts. It is so because you may have inherited the size of the bust of someone who has or had small breasts like your grandmother’s or your mother’s. You may have a B cup or DD cup depending on genetics. In this case, you may have limited options to go for the increase of breast size and hence you can go for the tricks that can help you make look like having bigger breasts rather indeed increasing the size.

Hormone Production – On the other hand if it is due to lack of hormone production, then you should concentrate on how to increase the hormone production to enhance the size of your bust because it is not a genetic issue. The hormones which lead to the growth of breasts are known as progesterone and estrogen.  This issue can be managed with the help of proper diet and balanced food that can help to have balanced level of hormones.

Hyperactive Metabolism – The last cause, which is hyperactive metabolism, means that your body has a high metabolism rate which prevents you to gain fat. It makes your body thin or petite and gaining weight or storing fat is really very tough. As we all know breasts are nothing but fat, hyperactive metabolism prevents your breasts to grow. Hence you can go for a few of the exercises and food that can help you.

Here are some edible ingredients which can increase the bust size naturally.

Fenugreek – It imitates the hormones which are used for breastfeeding and results in breast enlargement.

Fennel Seeds – It effectively stimulates estrogen production in the body.

Saw Palmetto – It blocks the growth of testosterone to ensure the growth of progesterone and estrogen.

It is very good for you as well as any other woman to be aware of the actual reason behind the poor growth of their breasts before they rush for any kind of breast size enhancement procedure, whether it be natural or artificial.