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Track all Your Emails Using SpyPig – Know How


Have you ever thought what would have happened if you could not see the delivered, seen options in WhatsApp? Feels vulnerable, isn’t it? Yes, almost every social messenger platform has embedded the options to help users track their messages. But one of the most professional and efficient communicating platforms has not developed the facility yet! I’m talking about Email services.

Emails are widely used in every part of the globe to send and receive critical information, documents, and other contents. But we can’t really discover whether those emails we’ve sent have been read or moved to Trash. This is definitely a critical issue for the senders to find out if their emails have been utilized in the planned manner or it was just wasted. Lucky for us, we’ve SpyPig to take care of the crisis.

What is SpyPig?

There’re numerous free reading receipt services which track your email and notifies you once your email has been opened and read. SpyPig is one of the simplest and most useful tracking systems from the lot. In order to perform the task, SpyPig makes use of a tracking image, namely SpyPig Image which informs you whether your message has reached the preferred destination or not!

History of SpyPig

The creator of this efficient email tracking system is Christopher. But we don’t know the actual reason behind developing the SpyPig. As Christopher said, SpyPig was designed for all the individuals who are trying to figure out whether their emails have been read or not.

Benefits and Drawbacks of SpyPig

Before downloading the tool and launching it in real-time, you should consider the pros and cons of the email tracker that can lead you to take a wise decision.


  • You’ll be able to track the status of your sent email whether those have been opened or read.
  • The notification of SpyPig can bring the peace or frustration to the sender (based on the circumstances).
  • It eliminates the possibility of a sender nagging the recipient for the response.
  • Perhaps you’ll get a prior clue about the reply you’re going to receive from the recipient for your message.


  • The whole procedure of the tracking is based on the way users access their individual emails.
  • There’s no way to incorporate the SpyPig’s Image automatically into your every mail. One has to do it manually for each email they send.
  • The recipient cannot control the tracking. It means if you’re the recipient, you will be completely unaware of the tools incorporation.
  • SpyPig’s Image is the key to track the emails. If a recipient rejects to see the image, the tracking system won’t work.
  • Similarly, if the recipient does not download the image, you SpyPig’s tracking won’t work.
  • SpyPig is an obstacle to a fully certified email.

 Final Words:

These are a brief information about the email tracking system: SpyPig. Now, you have a fair idea about the tool and all the advantages and disadvantages of it. If you want to know other vital details about the email tracker including how to sign up for it or how does it work, you can get the whole information on LayerPoint.