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Some Facts on Kidney Donation


Most of the people are aware of the fact that kidneys play a pivotal role in maintaining the proper body functions. Their main role is to remove various wastes along with excess fluid by maintaining a steady balance of the body chemicals.

For various factors, kidneys can stop working appropriately that may result in kidney failure. If any patient is experiencing this situation, then he or she has to choose between two treatment-alternatives – dialysis and kidney transplant.

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Treatment Options

A large number of kidney failure patients go for the dialysis treatment because of the scarcity of kidney donations. Dialysis is all about replacing various kidney functions with the help of a machine that filters salt, numerous harmful wastes, and other excess fluid from the blood. This treatment is helpful in restoring the blood into a healthy and normal balance.

However, as per the research, the life expectancy is much better for the patients, who undergo the kidney transplantation process, as compared to those, who are in a dialysis process. For this reason, kidney transplants have become a preferred method of treatment and that is why kidney donations have become more prominent.

With the help of kidney transplant, a healthy donor kidney will work in place of the damaged kidneys. The donor kidney is capable of doing the work in place of two failed kidneys and there is usually no requirement for dialysis after the kidney transplantation.

Organ Donor

A living or deceased individual performs a kidney donation procedure. Only one deceased donor may save eight lives (maximum) and can help at most 50 people through his or her tissue as well as cornea donation.

Living kidney donor provides better results to the kidney patient. According to the studies, the result of kidney transplantation from a living kidney donor is better as compared to a deceased donor.

If any patient is receiving a living donor’s kidney, then he or she has to experience lesser waiting period for the kidney than the same from a deceased donor. Additionally, the kidney transplant surgery might be scheduled to fulfill your requirements and allow you to prepare both mentally and physically for the surgery.

If the kidney has come from a living donor, then it generally starts functioning immediately that will become easier for the Doctors to monitor. Some of the kidneys that come from the deceased donors may not start working immediately. In such scenario, the patient has to continue the dialysis process until the kidney functions on its own.

Various kidney transplants from living kidney donor performed between the family members, who are genetically alike. This reduces the possibility of rejection. Spouses, friends along with “strangers” may gift the new and healthy life through the paired donation and altruistic donation.

Before proceeding towards the kidney donation, the donor has to go through a thorough exam for determining whether he or she is a good match for the respective recipient. Other important checkups are performed to ensure that the donor does not have any health problems if so then those problems can become severe after the kidney donation.

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