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San Lorenzo Yachts –The Innovative American Beauty SL 78

San Lorenzo Yachts –The Innovative American Beauty SL 78

No, it is not a mistake San Lorenzo yachts are luxurious boats made in Italy, but most of the models have the American version as well and SL 78 is no different. So what is the difference then? What are the changes made specifically for American clients? If you think it is just the switch of the sockets to 110 V / 60 Hz for the U.S. appliances, you are quite wrong. Americanized or not it is still Sanlorenzo yacht and therefore it is made-to-measure or in other words, the Italian shipbuilder always does his best to meet the clients’ expectations.

San Lorenzo Yacht – How Do You Make an American Client Happy

It is like a gourmet cooking. If you insist on adding top quality ingredient, you have great chef and good taste; the final dish cannot disappoint you. In fact you want to smell it, touch it and taste it and you can be sure you will never have enough of it.

Sanlorenzo chose his team wisely and the outcome of this cooperation is jaw dropping. The interior was designed by famous Lauderdale-based Interior designer Marty A. Lowe. She is no stranger to the yacht world as she created the design for many shipbuilders such as Ferretti, Custom Line, Broward Yachts, Benetti, Azimut, Bertram, Marquis, Maritimo and SeaRay, keeping Sanlorenzo in a good company. Her designs are elegant and timeless, with lots of clever ideas; together they are pushing the concept of building a yacht to another level. For those curious how the yachts will look like in future, read here.

San Lorenzo Yachts

What Changes Were Made to Fit the American Market?

  • Sag Harbor Edition – What does it mean? It is a name of the Harbor where is Sanlorenzo’s summer office. Nothing that unusual, right? But there is also the Sag Harbor Bridge and they knew that they had to fit the yacht under it. In order to do so, they designed retractable radar arch. This smart solution also allows the yacht to access more remote waterways with low clearances.
  • Sl 78 as the go-anywhere cruiser – Sanlorenzo knows the American clients cruise in different climate and therefore the American version of SL 78 is equipped with stronger ‘tropical’ air-conditioning with two chillers which produce an atmosphere-altering 120,000 Btu. You can find useful tips where to cruise with your SL 78 here.
  • As mentioned before all sockets are changed to 110 V / 60 Hz. Small, but important detail, which proves Sanlorenzo’s flexibility.

Why Is SL 78 Perfect Yacht for All Types of Cruises?

SL 78 is designed to take you anywhere; she is not only “eye worthy, but also sea worthy”. Her practical size makes every little corner of the coast accessible, but without worrying about your comfort.

Are You Going To Buy a Yacht? Here Are Some Useful Tips You Need To Know.

  1. Fully customized yacht might not be the best option, semi customized is more recommended.
  2. It is always better to follow the advice of the expert; he can save you lots of money throughout the construction process.
  3. Think of the design of the boat in long term perspective. For example, if you desire fast boat 20 knots, it will burn 4 x more fuel than the 12 knots and there will be also less space for your toys.
  4. For those Yacht lovers who have no time or patience to wait, there is the option to buy either fully finished yacht or pre-owned one, but you cannot enjoy putting your touch into design.
  5. Make your research and involve your friends and family, they are going to share it with you after all.
  6. Keep in your mind that it can’t always be your way.
  7. And although it can be difficult, don’t get too emotionally attached. It is a business decision.

Sometimes it can be a long journey to become a proud yacht owner, but the experience of sailing on the yacht is priceless. Are you ready to start yours?