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Know The Disadvantages of Stock Market


Stock markets have made money to tons of people around the globe, and are continuing to do so as we are sitting here. There are several advantages of stock marketing. The main advantages are that it makes us a lot of money in a short time. It also gives us a stake in the company, which means that you are an owner too of the company. This sounds brilliant. Many people have the advantage at this time. However, we should not forget that might have been looted because of this. There are certain disadvantages if stock markets that are do not allow people to become a part of it. They are


The worst thing about this is it is risky. You are not sure when it will go up and when it would come down. Not being able to predict is the main issue in the stock market. You buy a stock in one company and see that the stock dropped down to the lowest in the next second. That is a scary thing to happen and will continue to be the scariest thing to happen ever. The risks are a lifelong best friend if you are to continue on this road. This risk prevents a lot of investors to invest in stocks.

Time Investment

Since the stock market is all about risks, hence one not only has to invest a lot of money in it but also has to invest his time. You have to research as much as you can in order to get a hold of the stocks and understand the vicissitudes. Until and unless you understand the graph, you are not going to be a successful investor.

You’ve gone through with the financial statements of the company and also read the annual reports to get a grip on the company and understanding what is the likable chances that the stakes would go high and when the sakes would come down. You have to continuously monitor the stock market graph as to when the market is going up and when it is to the lowest. When the graph is to the lowest and you think through your research that it will not stoop down anymore invest in it.

Losing everything

If the company does back on a particular day then you may lose all your initial investment. All the investor will sell his or her stocks and the stock price will go down. If you don’t want to lose your initial investment than you have to buy bonds. In this, if you lose your initial investment then you get an income tax break. Well, making a bond will also have you pay taxes if you make money. In either, easy you are to have a problem and an advantage.


There are disadvantages but it is the easiest way to make more if you have knowledge. Study as much s you can and make money as much as you can. To know more click here.