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Is it legal to buy Dianabol in Canada?


The use of steroid Dianabol is highly popular amongst many bodybuilders. The reasons for the same are that the effects of the steroid are dramatic and thus many bodybuilders prefer using this to enhance their body mass and muscle. The athletes and bodybuilders work a lot of maintaining their body. They get involved in many exercises and regimes that sometimes lead to muscle tear and low body image. The use of steroid is thus felt to improve the muscle growth which is done with the help of Dianabol pills. The next question about the use revolves around the legality of use. These drugs come under special category and are often governed by the authorities. The users thus find it difficult to obtain these drugs and use them while training. The Canadian government has restraint the use of the drug openly and yet many people buy it easily as it is sold on the black market in Canada.

How to buy Dianabol when in Canada?

The drug comes under the category of illegal substance. It is not even a prescribed drug and hence buying and selling of the same is prohibited in Canada. The buyers still demand the drug which has created a black market in the country. Dianabol is sold on the black market in Canada which is acquired from different countries. The drug is obtained from Mexico, China, India and Thailand. There are few others countries as well that allow online buying of the steroid without any hassle. It is also available in powder form. The bulk powder can be purchased by the users but higher dose can be dangerous.

There are also some athletes who use the steroid by directly injecting it which is not a suitable way to take it. The drug is available in powder and tablet form. If the users are buying powder then they will have to make their own tablet or solution for consumption. This may be cost-effective when compared to the tablets which are priced a little higher. The quality, however, is compromised in this case as the powder is not supervised and may be mixed with something else as well. This, however, does not mean that it is legal to buy it in Canada. This is done illegally and with proper cover. The laws are harsh and the punishment is severe for anyone who is found in the possession of the drug.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police states that selling and possession of the drug are illegal. This is one of the most confiscated drugs in Canada after Marijuana. There are harsh punishment and penalties for the people who are caught with these drugs. The legalities and the laws around these substance drugs have been debated over the years. The cases of misuse and the side effects are the main reasons they are controlled strictly by the government. The laws clearly state the legality yet the demands have led to the creation of a black market.