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Interesting facts about SMILE eye surgery


As there are many types of surgery handled by the experts in this world, the development in this type of surgeries are common. When we look into the eye surgery, most of the people aware of laser eye surgery, whereas there is some advancement under laser surgery too. SMILE Vision correction is the advanced version of the laser eye surgery, and most of the people not aware of that. Let us discuss few things about this surgery.

Not new: This SMILE laser eye surgery way introduced in 2012 to Australia, and after that this is impressed lots of surgeons with the results and this has become the most common procedure of choice  for some common surgeons.

Less invasive: This method of surgery is most official. When this is compared with the LASIK and the ASLA eye surgery, the SMILE is relatively non-invasive than others. SMILE is termed as the keyhole surgery with 3mm corneal micro tunnels through the lenticels extracted from it.

Kind to corneal nerve: This is generally less trouble to corneal nerves than using the LASIK. This has some implications, if you have ocular surface disease or the dry eyes. Even if you have turned down for the LASIK treatment in past days, then this time you may be suitable for SMILE.

Safe and accurate: If you are the person already undergoes the LASIK, there you cannot find any more difference between the LASIK and SMILE, because the accuracy result and safety is similar to the LASIK treatment. The only thing is that this is the latest form of technique in eye surgery.

Use if you are nervous: This SMILE procedure all done with one laser. Who cares for this, simply the patients who undergo the procedure? Generally, the laser eye surgery is the nerve racking procedures for large number of people and having this over and SMILE done with single step.

Quiet and odorless: In the SMILE procedure, the femtosecond laser is used and this is quiet. After the surgery, the ozone vacuumed away, but still some people may unnerved by some characteristics smell of sparks.

Blade-free: This is as modern type of LASIK, there is no burning or cutting of the corneal tissue during this form of procedure. Most of the people find this very comfortable one. both the laser treatments operates at the cool temperature and at extremely high speed in order to break the molecule bonds in the cornea without cause any form of  collateral damage.

These are the common difference, when we look at the LASIK treatment with the SMILE. Try to make use of the treatment and the link helps you to get the expert advice regarding that.