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Fixtures for visual merchandising


The retail displays is what distinguishes one retail shop from another the manner in which the visual merchandising has been done is very important. The way the retailer displays the product is what the most important part of selling a product. The retails displays can make a retail store outshine from its competitors, without a good display no customer would be attracted towards your store. The store display plays an important role in the success of a retailer; for a good retail display one needs good fixtures for which one should always contact a seller who is reputable and has a lot of knowledge about fixtures.

Things to remember while choosing fixtures

  • First thing to remember is that the fixtures should be flexible so that can be installed in any store. They can be adjusted in order to accommodate the changing fashion trends.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that the fixtures should be of a high quality; not only should they be able to compliment and increase the visual appearance of the store but they should also be able to enhance the overall look of teh store.
  • A retail store is supposed to be attractive enough to bring customers to it; the overall appearance of the retail store should be attractive and fixtures play an important role in this. Retail displays should also be trendy and according to the latest trends of fashion and the fashion industry. Fixtures should be chosen well because visual merchandising is very important.

Types of fixtures

The visual merchandisers use a lot of different kinds of retail displays or fixtures to enhance the outer appearance of their store as well as to server different purposes. Fixtures mainly enhance the whole feel of the store. So there are different types of fixtures that one can use:

  • Hangers- Choosing the right hanger to sell clothing and apparels is very important. The hangers that you choose should be such that they match the overall appearance of the store and also match the attire and apparels being displayed.
  • Gridwall fixtures- These fixtures add space in the walls of a retail store; they have grid systems that are used to hang accessories like hooks, baskets and shelves. They in a way improve the organisation of a store.
  • Mannequins- These help to give life to the clothes and apparels on display; by putting clothes on the mannequins the customers get an idea about a certain outfit or clothing on a certain kind of body type.
  • Display cases- These are important if a store is selling jewellery or other precious stuff; they enhance the visual appeal of the jewellery and also keeps it safe and secure. There are also customised display cases for watches, rings and necklaces. They come in different materials and sizes; some are made of wood, some of metal and some of acrylic.

Fixtures are an important investment any store that is made by the retailers as they increase the visual feel of it.