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Convert DVD To MP4 For Easy Storage With Movavi Video Converter


Having a DVD collection is always something you are proud of so having it secured is definitely important. Unfortunately, in many situations people have no idea how to do this. The easiest way to store your DVD collection is to convert DVD to MP4. This is really easy to achieve with the right software. Movavi Video Converter stands out as a really interesting option due to how easy it is to be used and the really low price tag.

How To Convert Your DVDs To MP4 With Movavi Video Converter

After you download Movavi Video Converter the steps needed to change DVD files to MP4 files are these:

  • Use the file importer feature to select the DVD file you are interested in transforming
  • After the file is imported choose the output format – over 200 preset features are already included
  • Click the convert button
  • Store the MP4 file on your hard drive

Extra Features Of Interest

Movavi Video Converter is so much more than just a converter program. It is also going to aid you in editing the files. That can be useful if you are interested in removing some of the parts or if you just want to make extra modifications.

Choose out of countless effects that you can add to your videos. Then, see if you would be interested in adding annotations or any type of extra text. The gallery of available extra features is long so using the trial version of Movavi Video Converter to check them all out. The trial version is fully operational and you can even use it in order to get used to the user interface.

Speaking about user interface, most of the modifications you would do with Movavi Video Converter are drag and drop based. Even if you have no past experience in editing videos or using a converter program you can use the software with ease. If you run into any problem, you can use the helpful videos available on the Movavi website. On the whole, the entire program is something that should be considered by both professional editors and personal users, which is quite impressive.