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Consuming eggs in a safe manner during pregnancy


Egg is an important source of protein, with minerals and vitamins particularly vitamin D.  Is eating eggs during pregnancy safe does involve a careful consideration on your part.

How to prepare eggs in a safe manner during pregnancy

Eggs are powered with salmonella bacteria and so the need of the hour is to consume eggs which are properly cooked. Make it a point to avoid dishes that have uncooked egg or even eggs that are soft boiled. Examples could be mousse or homemade ice creams.

Another point of consideration is consumption of eggs the moment they are cooked. When it is the case of hard boiled eggs they are cooked thoroughly to kill the salmonella bacteria. If you do chop the eggs on to an egg salad, and for hours keep on displaying it, then Listeria bacteria is going to emerge. Pregnant women are likely to suffer from Listeriosis which is a common form of food poisoning. It does go on to have an impact on the fetus even if serious symptoms are not shown. Do make it a point that you do consume foods that have been properly cooked and stored so that they do not get in touch with the harmful bacteria.

Is there is a possibility of aversion to eggs?

One of the common aversions that pregnant women experience has to be eggs. If you have a liking for eggs and it happens to be hard on your stomach then the message is that you need to be a bit creative with your menu. Let us explore a few methods where you can sneak eggs into your diet.

  • The scrambled egg could be shred into small pieces and then in a dish you could mask it so that a nice flavour emerges
  • Try to add new flavours as far as possible. For example to dishes like Spanish tortilla you could add potato, spice or tomato which could be more wonderful that plain consumption of eggs.
  • Eggs could be hidden in batter. Recipes that are rich in whole grains like oatmeal’s or pancakes do provide an opportunity to eat eggs. In fact one does not need to taste. The nutritional value of eggs is not going to reduce the manner by which you consume it. This is whether it is mixed or in plain form

Do not stick to something that you are not appealing in terms of taste. Eating eggs safely during pregnancy is the key and you are going to deliver a baby even if eggs are not in your diet. If you cannot bear eggs then do not force it upon yourself.

What is the quantity of eggs recommended as part of your diet?

Being rich in cholesterol, they are important source of nutrients as well. Most often than not you can consume an egg or two in a day without any major problems. If your doctor is worried about your cholesterol levels then they might ask you to restrict consumption of eggs.