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All you need to know about C#


What is Csharp?

Csharp (popularly called as C#) is a multi-paradigm language used for programming. It is used for covering strong tying, object-oriented, generic, functional, and vital programming disciplines. C# assessment provides with many operators that are symbols which specify math, functional operations etc. in order to help perform an expression


Csharp was developed by Microsoft within .NET and which went on to be approved by ECMA – 334 as well as ISO. It became a general purpose object oriented language for programming which was designed for the Common Language Infrastructure. The development team for C# was headed by Anders Hejlsberg. The name C sharp is said to be inspired from the musical notation. It sharp sign “#” in music term shows that the written note must make a semitone higher in pitch. This is very much similar in C++ language as well as the ‘++’ sign indicates that the variable should be increased by 1. The C sharp sign “#” is a combination of four “+” signs together which looks like a two by two grid which implies that this language is an incremental version of C++.

C# was initially submitted to ISO for approval in the year 2003 however it was turned down. It was subsequently submitted and approved successfully by ISO in the year 2006. After 2006 C# and Java have increasingly evolved over a period of time and they became similar programming language. C# uses reification so as to provide the generic objects that are first class and can be used just like any other class. Java and C# is very much similar to each other. C# has taken a lot of its features from Java and Java has also borrowed a lot of features from C#

How does it work?

C# program usually starts with a Main technique and it is found in the file called as Program.cs. This Program.cs is generally a text file of small size. It contains the C# source code in it. Although it is a small program it has lot of important syntax to be remembered while building the program. For instance C# is case sensitive and the keywords used should be in lowercase. It is also necessary that each and every element mentioned in the source code should exactly match with the element that is being referenced. Also, while using larger codebases it is recommended to use namespaces to help keep it organized. Namescape is referred to as the language word and is completely optional. If you are creating the code from scratch then it is possible that you may tend to make common errors which can be easily trouble-shooted


There are many Csharp assessment, tests and exercises available online which specifically focuses on creating codes in order to achieve certain objectives based on the problems. These assessments are available in languages like English and French. These tests are structured as coding exercises with a set time limit so as to enable the candidates to navigate through various exercises.